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Dog Treats Reimagined

Goodbye Boring Hello Flavor!

Hand Made by Chefs !


Hand made fresh daily in real kitchens by chefs using simple clean ingredients. Say goodbye to rock hard treats and Hello to soft baked Yummy!


Taste our exciting flavors. Take a break from the typical treats and try something new. Featuring Peanut Butter & Jelly, Movie Night and Banana Blaster.


Real human ingredients you know and trust. Absolutely nothing, zip, zilch, nada added just simple wholesome dog treats. Taste them yourself and see.

What’s inside makes a difference!


USA Ingredients, Local Purveyors Trusted Once Source


Non GMO, Zero Soy
No Palm Oil Peanut Butter


Real kitchens with Chefs
Not Mass Produced in a Factory


Simple, Clean Real Ingredients Absolutely Nothing Else Added

Don’t let let your dog settle for factory cookie cutter cardboard. Give them an actual treat to be enjoyed. Our emphasis is the focus on creating unique flavors using only real ingredients while providing great nutrition.